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The #1 Reason Why I Believe People Do Not Pass The NSCA CSCS Exam

The world of strength and conditioning is filled with incredibly intelligent professionals that are great at their craft. But with any profession, there are those that degrade the average perceived conception of the quality of our work. With the overwhelming abundance of information, it is easy to feel as if you know everything about strength and conditioning. Top this with your personal growth and experience, and helping others achieve the similar results compounds one‘s confidence. And yet, the current passing rate for the NSCA CSCS Exam is 56%. Why? Our ego.

As I just mentioned, the fact that we have maybe taken a few courses and have some hands on experience does automatically grant you a seat at the table. A Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science or a related field is the entry-level amount of education that is recommend to just be component to pass the exam. Furthermore, the number of years spent in a weight room or how much you can bench does not guarantee any success on the exam. Relying on factors like these does not expose you to all the principles needed to succeed.

Now I am not trying to advocate for memorizing what it is a textbook. That will only get you sat far. I believe that information is the foundation. Passing your NSCA CSCS Exam shows you have some amount of standardized knowledge, in which you are competent enough to go apply in the real-world. This reinforces your foundation. Your experiences compounded with continuing education will grow on top of your foundation. Of course, one must first have an open mind and willingness to learn in order to

build upon this foundation.

In the end, it is most likely ego that prevents you from passing the NSCA CSCS Exam. Be willing to admit that you do not know everything. Become a sponge and inherently want to learn as much as you can. The moment you commit to being humble and returning your foundation, to make it stronger, is when you will put yourself on the right path for passing your NSCA CSCS Exam, and making meaningful contributions in this professions.

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