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Study Tip #1: Don't Look For The Easy Way Out

During my undergraduate education, I can recall times where I thought the information being presented would not be relevant to my future. We all have thought "I'm never going to have to know that", "Do I only need to know it for the exam", "I won't use that in the real world" and the many other iterations that display a similar meaning.

These thoughts mean, and display to others, that we are looking for the path of least resistance. Be honest with yourself. You are looking for the easy way out. Hey, I am guilty of this too. But it is thinking like this that will hurt you. It will hurt your exam performance. It will hurt your understanding of the material and how it links to other concepts. But more importantly, it will degrade your ability to be provide the highest quality of work to those you serve.

Remember that one concept where you thought you would never use it in the "real world"? Well the strength and conditioning staff that is currently interviewing you for your first "real world" job is testing you on this subject, as they base their entire training methodologies on this concept.

Details matter. Correction: EVERY detail matters. Be a sponge. Absorb everything. It never hurts to know something, but it can hurt not knowing something. Test yourself. This requires you to hold yourself to a higher level of discipline. Probably a higher level of discipline you are not accustomed to. But adopting this type of discipline and incredibly high set of standards for yourself will continue to pay dividends after you pass your NSCA CSCS Exam.

All there is left is just to do it.

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