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Nutrition Recommendations For Weight Loss

The goal of this blog post is to review weight loss recommendations in the Essentials of Strength & Conditioning textbook, and review some more practical applications. Recommendations discussed in the textbook are actually straight forward and easy to recall: decrease daily total caloric intake by approximately 500 Ocala/day , and consume a protein intake of 1.8-2.7g/day. Pretty simple and straightforward.

However, I don’t think this is a great blanket recommendation to cover everyone who is looking to lose weight. In particular, deceasing your total caloric intake by 500 kcals/day. What if you have been consistently cutting calories for the past several months during your weight loss journey and now you have plateaued? Are you supposed to consume under 1,000 kcals/day? That doesn’t sound sustainable or healthy to me.

Here is what I propose. Instead of finding more ways to restrict your caloric intake, be proactive in implementing more physical activity in your day. Can you walk or bike to work instead of driving, or even taking a bus or train. Could you walk or bike part of your commute? Could you make time to take your dog for an extra walk? Or go for a longer walk through the neighborhood with your significant other? Can you find more time at work to stand rather than sit? The theme I am trying to convey here is be proactive in finding time to move more throughout your day. I believe this is a healthier and more sustainable way of losing weight. Plus, it should be more enjoyable.

Hunting down techniques to further restrict your caloric intake is disempowering. Incorporating more movement requires you to take an active role in how to further your weight loss progress. By taking this approach, your hands have a better grip on the steering wheel, and will experience more enjoy during the journey.

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