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My Recent Quadricep “Finisher”

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

When designing my own programs, everything has a purpose. Today I am going into my quadricep workout “finisher”. The two exercise are Reverse Nordic Curls and Leg Extensions. This workout is a knee dominant workout, meaning I am prioritizing any exercises that emphasize knee flexion. The idea behind this is to train the quadriceps through a full range of motion, and selecting exercises that offer different mechanical advantages at different points in the range of motion.

The Reverse Nordic Curls are selected first as the quadriceps are required to create force in a lengthened position (which is more difficult compared to when you are in a shortened position). During the downward phase of the exercise, your knee will ideally go into maximal knee flexion.

Leg extensions are performed second in this superset as they place the quadriceps in a shortened position, in which it is more advantageous to create more force. Plus, it is easy to change the weight on this machine depending on your level of fatigue after performing bodyweight reverse nordic curls.

So the main benefits of this superset are being able to train the quadriceps through their full range of motion, extend time under tension, and is easily adaptable to your current level of strength

Reverse Nordic Curls:

Leg Extensions:

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