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Grip Strength Is TERRIBLE

Hey there Everyone, this is Dan from The Strength Coach Tutor. Today I’m going to give you an update on how my training progress is going during Phase 1 in my Return To Gym Post-COVID training program.

Today was the first day of Week 3. We obviously do legs to start off a training week. My two main lifts for lower body have been barbell front squats and barbell deadlifts. Both have progressing nicely. For this whole month, i have been following a linear periodization model. Every exercise is 4 sets, with the reps decreasing, and weight increasing each week. Last week I hit 185 lbs for 2 reps on the barbell front squat. Today, I was able to perform 3x3 @ 185 lbs. I’d call that a good start. Deadlifts were solid today too, with a top sets of 3 x 255 lbs. I still feel that my grip strength is the limiting factor in my deadlift performance. Yes, I use a double-overhand/supinate grip. An alternates grip just doesn’t suit me well. Plus, actually performing deadlifts will improve my grip I am not too concerned. It’ll improve.

The increase in grip strength will also improve my pull-up strength, arguably my most lagging area of strength currently. Flat and dumbbell bench pressing have been going well. I am debating a switch to barbell variations in my next phase. In my next phase, I do plan to increase the number of exercises for arms, and have a better exercise selection for my needs in regards to shoulders and upper back.

I am waiting until Phase 1 is complete to design Phase 2. At the moment, my current inclination for each workout is to have 1-2 heavy compound lifts, followed by 3-4 exercises that may be compound or single-joint, but performed with more volume and lower intensities. My new gym has a hack squat machine, and I would like to experiment with it.

An important lesson to take away when training is to have fun and not always take it so seriously. I have allowed myself to be patient, try some different things, and find out what I’m currently capable of. I’m in this for the long term, and I know the journey is worth it!

Thank you for reading,


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