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BREAKING NEWS: Updated Protein Intake Guidelines

OLD Guidelines

Strength & Power: 1.4-1.7g/kg of BW

Aerobic: 1.0-1.6g/kg of BW

NEW Guidelines

1.4-1.8g/kg for ALL athletes

ALL is the keyword here. The biggest thing that changes here is putting our endurance athletes up to par with strength & power athletes in regard to their protein intake. This is a huge step in the right direction.

Now while you may be excited that you have just one recommendation to remember instead of two, it doesn’t change things much for the exam. Why?

Over the past 5 years of tutoring students for the CSCS Exam, only a few students have been able to multiply with any decimal. On the bright side, we are all capable of multiplying with 1.5.

1.5 is this midrange for the old and new recommendations, and the easiest number to do math by hand with. I recommend all my students to just learn 1.5.

For your athletes in the real world, I think this new recommendation is more impactful, and you should know it to serve them better.

Please note the weight loss (1.8-2.7g/kg of BW) and weight gain (1.5-2.0g/kg of BW) protein recommendations remain the same, and should be used accordingly to your athletes goals.

With gumption,


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