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The Strength Coach Tutor

Preparing for your NSCA CSCS Exam?

We are here to serve you by offering  our Online Classroom and Individualized Tutoring. Give yourself the tools to pass, and learn what the book doesn't teach you!

One lifetime payment $300
$50/month - Cancel anytime

OUr Three Promises

Promise 1 - Passing the CSCS exam is the beginning of your learning, as you will become a life-long student. You will keep an open mind to all new information and content. 

Promise 2 - The Strength Coach Tutor is a network and community. Your contributions, teaching, and service will help others become the best version of themselves.

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Promise 3 - You promise to serve with the highest quality of work and skill. 

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Interested In Individualized Tutoring?

It doesn't matter if you just graduated college, or graduated 10 years ago. We adapt tutoring sessions to YOUR needs.

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