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Daniel Camillone, MS, ATC, CSCS

After graduating with my Master in Athletic Training degree, I gained a new perspective. I had spent the previous two years as a graduate teaching  assistant in the undergraduate athletic training program. Through educating and advising my students, I gained the appreciation that all students truly have different learning needs. Unfortunately, a student's needs cannot always be met in a group setting often found in your typical classroom. 

I have the unique education and appreciation for sports medicine and strength and conditioning. My passion for exercise, weight lifting, health, and movement quality led me to pursue my current degrees and certifications. I obtained my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification in January 2018 during my second year of graduate school. 

My preparation for the CSCS exam was self-guided while scoring 90% on the exam on the first attempt. I firmly believe my experiences, skills, and education can help you in your pursuit to pass the NSCA CSCS exam. My purpose is to provide the individualized education that best matches how you learn. To do this, I offer individualized tutoring and created an Online Classroom that will act as the ultimate resource to teach you the things you need to know...the skills that the textbook does not teach you.


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